About Us


The Truth:

Do you know what the difference is between us and the big SEO agencies? We charge less to provide you with the same result and we provide a more personalized experience. The big agencies are only concerned with volume and strictly SEO. We can do it all for less and we actually care about the success of your business.

About The Denver SEO Geeks

Have you ever seen the TV show Big Bang Theory? We aren't those kind of geeks but we sure know our business. We've been internet marketers for 8 years and know what it takes to make an internet business successful. We understand it can be difficult for traditional brick and mortar companies to embrace the internet but with our help you can dominate the internet. Ignoring the internet side of your business can be a fatal mistake.

It all started for us 8 years ago while we we're working regular 9-5 jobs that we decided to start building websites. We taught ourselves through trial and error and eventually went on to sell our first website for $30,000. We quit our jobs that day and started building websites for other businesses and we haven't looked back since.

If you haven't noticed, we aren't a big agency with lavish offices in downtown Denver. We are an effective team working remotely from our homes in Thornton and Brighton Colorado which allows us to offer much lower prices compared to the big SEO agencies. We believe this is what keeps our clients coming back because we are all running a business and the goal is to keep costs low.

Our primary goal is to help businesses realize the growth potential by taking their business to the internet. It's a fact that customers use the internet to research a product or service before buying and if you're business isn't on the internet you can bet your competitor is.