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Give us just 3 months to prove we can get your website ranking higher in the search engines or we will provide 3 additional months of services absolutely free. We don't have the overhead the big agencies have so we don't charge their ridiculous prices. We keep it simple and affordable for any business to get the SEO services they need to succeed.

We Provide More Than SEO - We Deliver Results!

Your end goal with hiring an SEO agency is to get traffic to your website which turns into leads and sales, right? We provide a wide range of internet marketing solutions for getting you results you can see in your bottom line. Search engine optimization is a long term process in most cases but most of our clients want to see results fast and we can do that to. Call us for your free consultation and let's come up with a plan.

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Gone are the days of putting up a website and your potential customers come flocking to your website. With thousands of websites added to the internet everyday you have to get in line and wait your turn and if SEO isn't part of your long term strategy then your website will never be seen by your customers. If you're like us, you want fast results and immediate traffic while waiting for your website to rise to the top of the search results.

Here is a shortlist of SEO related services we offer but every clients needs are different so we will discuss other services once we chat on the phone:

Onsite Optimization - If your website isn't structured properly internally it doesn't matter how much offsite SEO you do, it wont rank. We will review your websites structure in our consultation call and tell you what needs to be fixed before we can provide offsite SEO services. We can fix these issues if you need us to.

Off Site Optimization - Once your website is optimized for the keywords you want to rank for then we go out and acquire links from other websites which point to your website acting as a community vote. Depending on the competition in your industry it may take 10 of these links or it may take 400 it all depends on what your competition is doing. Now once you begin to rise in ranks you must continue applying pressure and defending your position. This process is ongoing and if you want to maintain your position then you need to keep applying pressure and getting more backlinks.

What we usually recommend to our clients is a two-stage approach which can yield much faster results while doing the long term SEO for your main website. What you're really after is people calling you or buying your product so we do offer solutions to jump start your campaign.

Rapid SEO - This is where we build a handful of small 3-5 page websites targeted for keywords related to your product or service and we quickly get them ranked in the search engines which can lead to inbound calls, leads and sales. These websites may only last a few months but by the time they fall out of the search results your main SEO campaign should be gaining traction. We can discuss this technique more on our call but it has proven to be very effective for our clients.

One Minute Commercials - Another technique we use as part of our jump start strategy is to create a simple 60-second video commercial and get it ranking in the search results which can lead to inbound calls and people going to your website. We can generally get these videos ranked inside of 30 days.

Remember, successful SEO doesn't happen overnight and it requires a long term commitment if you're serious about maintaining your presence in the SERPS. It's like climbing a mountain where you have to defeat the king at the top in order to become the new "king of the mountain". Your competitors want to knock you out of position and they will if you don't defend your position and maintain your SEO efforts long term.

Again, we provide custom SEO solutions for anyone's situation so let's talk and come up with a strategy which works for you. Call us at 303-586-4741