Satisfaction Guarantee


We Save You Money

If you've ever spent money on buying ads with the major search engines you'll understand the value we can provide for a fraction of the cost. Depending on your industry you could pay as much as $200 per click! Now imagine if your website was ranked on the first page and you get 15 clicks per day to your website and you're only paying $1000 per month for SEO? Do the math and you'll see quickly SEO is the better way to go.

We Get Results or We Cover The Bill

SEO is a constant challenge but we know how to tip the scales in your favor. You see, the search engines would rather you buy their ads and compete with your competitors. After all they are running a business and have shareholders to please but would you rather spend $1000 per day on ads or spend $1000 per month and get just as much traffic to your website? Depending on your industry you could easily spend as much as $60,000 per day on ads but still only spend $1000 per month on SEO for the same keywords. What would you rather do?

With SEO it's difficult to make guarantees but we do it anyway because we're confident in the results we can achieve for your business. SEO requires a mountain of work and time on our behalf so it's impossible for us to offer a money back guarantee however we will go that extra mile and spend an additional 3 months working on your campaign if we can't get it to move in the first 3 months. Some websites are stubborn but we get them to move eventually.

What you need to understand is this is a constant war with the search engines. They are always changing the rules on what is required to receive high page rankings and therefore we have to change the way we perform our SEO services. They don't care about you and I one bit unless we are paying top dollar for their ads and even then, unless you're spending over $1 million per month they could care less about you or your business.

We do care because if our clients don't like the service we provide then we would be out of business and looking for work. We're still here because we do get results and we know we can do the same for you. We will work tirelessly to ensure you're happy so give us a shot and let us prove it. It doesn't hurt that we love what we do and we're confident you'll see this in the work we do for you.